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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing and mobile applications

Why do we need digital marketing?

With the explosion of digital & social media outlets and the expansion of mobile phone capabilities, every small business needs to take advantage of the opportunities to advertise effectively to maintain their competitive edge while marketing their respective products & services.

Customer Loyalty Mobile Phone Application

Why provide a Customer Loyalty Program?

A Loyalty Program will establish a direct connection to your customers via their mobile phone and reward them for continued patronage.  Maintain regular contact via email or text message marketing campaigns to provide real-time coupons and timely special deals to draw them into your business.

   >90% of mobile internet engagements involve mobile apps

Social media stats

What digital channels are available to fit my marketing plans and budget?

We have various platforms & services for all types of budgets. From a simple customer loyalty program for >$200/month, to the more extensive programs with considerably more reach and messaging capabilities.  Our Email & Text Messaging Campaigns, along with our SocialHawk and DelVal Beacon platforms, can be varied to fit your needs.  Visit our websites today and or contact us today for a discussion and free evaluation based on your marketing goals